Volleyball Sophomores Honored

VB Sophomores

The Lady Cannoneers defeated Cayuga last night in three sets (25-10, 25-20, and 25-8).  Prior to the match the eight sophomores were honored: Jenna Wilson, Alyssa Evans, Kelsey Finster, Savanna Baker, Grace Gehrke, Allison Burrows, Nicole O'Connor, and Maggie Vazquez.  Only the sophomores played the first two sets and many enjoyed a role they don't usually get to play.  Libero Jenna Wilson was able to play in the front row and middles Grace and Alyssa stepped into a defensive role in set two and Kelsey was able to be a hitter as well.  But now it is back to work with three regional games coming up on Sunday!  Last night Maggie Vazquez finished with 8 kills, Allison Burrows added 7 kills, and Nicole O'Connor finished with 4 kills.  Kelsey Finster compiled 13 service points, Savvy Baker added 6, Aliza Deasy chipped in 3, and Alyssa Evans ended with 5 service points.  Grace Gehrke had 2 digs, Brooke Everson finished with 1 kill, and Abby Sullivan chipped in 2 service points. The team will travel to Cayuga on the 6th to play Adirondack, Hudson Valley, and North Country.  

Good Luck to our Jefferson Volleyball Sophomores:

1/#11 – Jenna Wilson – Libero:  Jenna is currently in her third year here at JCC and majoring in Early Childhood Education. Her plan for the future is to take a two-year program through JCC that Potsdam offers to continue her education in this field.  Unfortunately, she had to red-shirt last year since breaking her thumb in one of the first games of the season.  As hard as it was for her to just watch and not be able to play, she learned a whole lot, and came back stronger than ever in the off-season.  She earned this libero jersey through her sheer determination and hard work.  So far this season Jenna has compiled 166 digs and is ranked 7th in the region for total digs and has racked up 100 service points.  Jenna's spunk and ability to bring this team to life is irreplaceable.  Her advice to next year's team is: "Play every game like it will be your last and you don't want to regret not going for that one ball, or just trying a little bit harder.  Your team is your family, and you don't want to let family down."

#3 – Alyssa Evans – Middle Blocker:  Alyssa is majoring in Allied Health and Biology Sciences and she plans on applying for the nursing program in the fall.  Alyssa has gracefully accepted the role of middle blocker this year after spending last season on the outside.  Although she is little, she sure can be fierce!  Last season she finished with 120 kills & 123 digs, and so far this year Alyssa has compiled 40 kills, 32 digs, and 76 service points.  She is always a steady force and is a perfect example of a team player, her dedication to the success of this team is unmatched.  Thank you Alyssa, for always bringing your best to the court and working through frustration with a smile on your face.  I admire your quiet, focused demeanor; this team looks to you more than you know.  Alys           sa's advice to next year's team is: "Never lose hope, the game is not over, until it is over."

#5 – Kelsey Finster – Setter:  Kelsey is majoring in Psychology and hopes to one day be a psychiatrist, her plan for next year is to transfer to a four-year school in California to continue her education.  Kelsey has the ability to single-handedly bring this team back together when they are struggling.  As the quarterback of the team she continues to stay positive and remains focused on the job at hand.  Last year she racked up 759 assists along with 241 digs.  So far this season she has compiled 452 assists and 113 digs.  Currently, Kelsey is ranked 4th in the region averaging 7.87 assists per set.  Kelsey remains steadfast in her belief in this team and what they are capable of accomplishing.  Kelsey, I admire your determination and poise; you will certainly be missed.  Kelsey's advice to next year's team is: "Remember that the tough practices will always be the   ones to make you a better team and player.  And never forget that your team will always be your family and our coaches want you to succeed more than you know.  I love playing with you three diligent, intelligent, and caring freshmen and am so excited to see what the future holds for you!"

#7 – Savanna Baker – Defensive Specialist:  Savvy is majoring in Humanities and Social Sciences and plans on transferring to a four-year school to get her degree in Special Education for the high school level.  It's been quite the honor to have not one, but two red-heads on my team for two years!  However, I will say that Kelsey's spunk is no match for Savvy!  If the team needs energy, Savvy is going to give it to them!  Last season she finished with 59 digs as well as service points and so far this season she has 35 service points and 14 digs.  I appreciate Savvy's "team-first" attitude and the positive energy she brings to the court at every practice or game, it will certainly be missed.  Savvy's advice to next year's team is: "Face every team as if they are your toughest opponent, no matter who they are.  At the end of the day, you're doing this for your team, never forget; We over Me. Family."

#9 – Captain Grace Gehrke – Middle Blocker:  Grace is majoring in Humanities and Social Sciences and is undecided on her plans after JCC at this point.  Who would have thought that a Belleville player could make such an impact on our program?!  Grace was voted the "Most Improved Player" last season and she continues to grow every time she steps out on the court.  Many of you may not guess this, but Grace knows the lyrics to every single type of song, from a raunchy rap song to a twangy country song, she knows it all!  Bus rides will not be the same without you next year, Grace!  Last season Grace finished with 27 blocks and 77 kills.  So far this season Grace has 17 blocks and 40 kills and was named Jefferson Athlete of the Week on September 4th.  Grace, you have been such a positive role model for your peers, you quietly demand the respect that you give; your character and personality are admirable.  Her advice to next year's team is: "Be  yourself, but be ready to work hard!"

#10 – Captain Allison Burrows – Outside Hitter:   Allison is majoring in accounting right now and is looking to receive her Associates Degree this winter, she would then like to transfer to Oswego to pursue a Human Resource Management Degree.  Al always finds a way to be looking at the big picture and keeps both players and coaches on the right path to success.  She leads by example; in a quiet, fearless manner.  Last season Allison finished with 182 kills, 22 blocks, and 489 digs.  So far this season she has racked up 141 kills, 5 blocks, and 199 digs and currently is ranked 6th in the region for total kills and ranked 4th in the region for total digs.  We all will certainly miss your calm, steady demeanor.  Allison's advice to next year's team is: "You can never stop learning, be a  sponge."

#16 – Nicole O'Connor – Defensive Specialist:  Nicole plans on graduating from JCC this winter and then transferring to Canton to start her bachelor's degree in athletic training.  Nicole has worked hard over the past two seasons to become a defensive spark when we need one.  Last year Nicole compiled 133 digs and 111 service points.  So far this season she has racked up 72 digs and 77 service points.  Nicole is hoping to continue playing volleyball at Canton and they are certainly lucky to have her coming in, her determination and strong work ethic will certainly be missed.  Nicole's advice to next year's team is: "Always work hard, stay positive, and have fun."

#22 – Captain Marjorie Vazquez – Outside Hitter:  Maggie is majoring in Liberal Arts and she plans on continuing her education and volleyball career, but doesn't know where yet!  Maggie has completely transformed her game in the off-season.  Her endless hours in the gym and weight room have made her a player that even a triple block can't stop!  Last season she compiled 229 kills, 65 blocks, and 340 digs.  She was named to the MSAC All-Conference Team as well as the 2nd Team All-Region.  So far this season Maggie has racked up 201 kills, 39 blocks, and 149 digs and was named Jefferson Athlete of the Week as well as Regional Athlete of the Week on September 17th.  Maggie is currently ranked 3rd in the region in kills per set at 3.53 and 2nd in the region for kills at 187.  Maggie, thank you for your dedication to this team and sharing the unbelievable amount of passion you have for this game with the team, we are all better people because of it.  I have tried my  hardest to tire you out in practice but it just hasn't happened!  Your energy, stamina, and drive are unreal!  Maggie's advice to next year's team is: "Your only limitation is your mind.  If you put in the time, with a purpose, then the results will speak for themselves."